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The three removal men are a credit to your company. They were all, warm, friendly and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend your company.
J E Burgess

Cartons and packing materials

Copsey provide purpose-made cartons and all necessary packing materials. If you decide to undertake your own packing, Copsey’s representative will advise you on wrapping and packing and you are also given an advice leaflet on preparing to move and exactly how to wrap and pack small items. All Copsey cartons are Non-returnable. This allows you to pack and unpack at your convenience.

Alternatively let Copsey’s staff who are trained and experienced in packing and moving many different objects, including fine china and glass, valuable Furniture, antiques and works of art.

Copsey’s can make your move easier and provide you with confidence that all your possessions are being packed and moved by a team professionals.

Bespoke crates and cases can be created if any of your possessions require extra care and attention.

We can also provide polythene bags for an array of cushions and beds.

We have garment transporters as standard equipment on our removal vehicles and also have available hanging wardrobe cartons and lay flat clothes cartons. We can also offer temporary storage for your garments by providing 6ft rail.