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European move

When anyone is contemplating a relocation across Europe they need not worry about the relocation process as that is why Copsey is here. All you need to do as the customer is concentrate on the exciting new chapter of your life that is about to begin, whether it be your retirement in the sun or a relocation for an employment opportunity let us take the stress out of relocating. With regular vehicles operating across the continent throughout the year and our extensive branches of reliable agents in most European countries to assist when there may be access issues for larger vehicles, we can offer dependable solutions for any European relocation at competitive rates.

There are two types of European relocation that are offered which are basically dependant on the flexibility of the clients delivery dates as well as budget. The options are as follows:

European Part/Shared Relocation

  • The part/shared European relocation service is exactly as it sounds; a large road train vehicle which holds a significant volume of effects being shared with partial loads from each client. Each and every client shares the costs of running the vehicle based on the apportioned cost determined by the amount of volume they are taking up within the vehicle.
  • The nature of this service keeps the cost affordable but inherently requires the client to have a certain amount of flexibility in relation to delivery dates. This service only works when the vehicle is full so there is a period of consolidation which is usually around 7-21 days. Although this estimated timescale is subject to the confirmation of our schedules, it is an experienced and realistic estimation.

European Dedicated/Scheduled Relocation

  • A dedicated/scheduled European relocation offers the client the ability to be much more specific with dates and schedules, the only constraints being the laws around driving hours (the working time directive). With this type of relocation you will be able to specify the collection day and the delivery day with the only stipulation being the time it physically takes to drive from your origin address to your destination address.
  • The price of this service is not directly associated with the volume that you need to move. The costs are actually calculated on labour for the entirety of the journey, fuel, ferries, road tolls and any ancillary services such as transhipment vehicles, packing and the like. Although this type of relocation affords the client the luxury of planning things as specifically as possibly this scheduled service comes at a cost.

Get in touch with the professionals today and discuss your options. Relocation services are entirely dependent on your needs and personal circumstances and one of our Relocation Consultants is waiting to assist you!